No J. Crew or BR? No problem! Sunday, May 16 2010 

In honor of my renewed strength in my vow to break out of my preppy (and boring at times, if you will) style rut, here is a completely J. Crew and Banana free wish list. Of course, I’m still relying on some old friends… Urban, Anthro, and Nordie’s, but it’s all about baby steps, right?


Tie-dye is apparently my new favorite thing. This all started with the darn J. Crew Wednesday skirt. I’m also sort of feeling this Love21 top from Forever. Only $22.80 too! … and it has a bow!

Forever 21 at ShopStyle
Steve Madden at ShopStyle

I need a pair of basic perfect neutral pumps. I’ve needed them for awhile. Does that make these a must have? I’m thinking YES.

Me Too at ShopStyle

By some miracle of miracles, I actually want something that’s on SALE. I’m thinking that makes these a must-have too. Red flats are pretty in right now, and I’m thinking these would be adorable with black skinnies and a neutral striped top (think this, which I’ve lusted after but held off on forever, if only I hadn’t given up J. Crew..), no?

Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle

Why are you back ordered until mid-June? I want to wear these every day with a bright colored American Apparel deep-v, a metallic skinny belt, and cute simple flats.

Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle

Yes, I have roughly 6,894 scarves. Yes, it’s getting warmer and warmer outside. Butttt, I adore mint green, I can’t get enough of these solid colored pashmina scarves until it hits about 85 degrees outside, and it’s $9.99. I spent more than that treating my baby brother to Starbucks this morning. Another miracle has occurred because now we’re up to TWO things that I want that are on sale.

Kimchi & Blue at ShopStyle

Is this going to look awesome on my well-endowed hips and thighs? Probably not. It’s still just so pretty, pretty, pretty..

Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle

I am honestly, genuinely lacking summer dresses (although I did just put Glee Season 1 back on the shelf at Target to justify this purchase last weekend), and I just LOVE this. Nothing more to explain.

Last but not least, these are the three things I am hoping and praying that Anthropologie will have marked down their big anticipated sale this Tuesday morning!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I actually held this in my hands as I stood in line once before I realized that nononononono, no matter how pretty the lace is, I just couldn’t spend over $100 on a sweater with unflattering horizontal stripes. The lace detail is still so pretty though, and I do love stripes despite their unflattering nature, so if this could just get knocked down to half of it’s price or so, I would probably pull the trigger.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I’ve been watching you for awhile too, but have been torn between colors and spending $90 on a t-shirt. $39.95, anyone, please?

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Me and the stripes again. This has been around a little while and hasn’t gotten all 5-star reviews so I’m thinking there are decent odds of it being marked down to a decent price this week.


A day without the UPS man at my doorstep is starting to feel incomplete. Thursday, May 6 2010 

So, I swore that this pretty little bag, and the gorgeous tie-dye Wednesday skirt were going to be last J. Crew purchases until Fall… at least.

Well, I got sucked in to two orders in less than twenty-four hours thanks to new spring markdowns and the 20% off knits + free shipping promos. I am powerless. Here’s to hoping most of it doesn’t fit and has to go back.

J.Crew at ShopStyle
J.Crew at ShopStyle
J.Crew at ShopStyle
J.Crew at ShopStyle
J.Crew at ShopStyle

I swear, after these uhhh two packages come in the mail, it’s a summer without any new J. Crew or Banana pieces. I’m going to be all about saving money.. and when I can’t resist, the goal is to branch out and have a little bit more fun with my clothing choices.

Sales, Sales, Sales Tuesday, Apr 20 2010 

So, the little splurge that I was contemplating turned out to be a bit bigger…

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

First, I wound up not going for any of the sweaters I was contemplating in my last post when The Unbroken Chains cardigan I’d been eying forever but couldn’t justify $128 got marked down this morning. I do need some help styling for it since I have a hard time pairing navy with black or denim, and that’s what probably at least 80% of my pants are. At least I got the Charlotte Tarantola, ruffles, and cute details I’ve been craving for $70.. not too bad.

Until I remembered that Saks Friends & Family sale started today and I decided it was time to replace the brown Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Teri bag that had been my “go-to” for nearly two years.

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

Thanks to codes for free shipping and 20% off now through the 25th, I now have a new investment bag heading my way. Cue me stalking my mail man for the next week or so until both of these packages arrive. $344 with tax isn’t terrible for something I know I’ll be carrying for quite awhile though, right?

Anthropologie Wants Sunday, Apr 18 2010 

I’ve been a little bit of a busy lady lately and thus, not the best new blogger!  I have a few outfit posts in the works too if I get around to uploading pics that I’m excited to share here ASAP too.  🙂

For now, I’ve been in dire need of a mini splurge and am deciding between these three Anthro beauties!

Option #1: Rise-And-Fall Cardigan – $128

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I’ve eyed a few different Charlotte Tarantola cardigans but never actually splurged one. Something about the cute sparkley buttons, ruffles, and the colors of the stripes just makes this one call to me.  If I did go for this one, I may have to actually make the purchase from Bloomingdale’s though – since it looks like they have the same thing for $30 less.  I can’t tell if Anthro’s version is a bit longer though, in which case it may be worth the extra $$$, since I’m typically more of a longer cardigan girl.

Option #2: Curlytop Cardigan – $98

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Although this is backordered until May, I’m hoping a nearby store might still have it in stock, or it just might be worth waiting a month for. Love the ruffles, love the details, I feel like it would be pretty versatile.. I’m just not sure whether I like it better in ivory or gray and some of the reviews online claim it runs small in the chest area, which could potentially be an issue for me.

Option #3:
Tern Tail Cardigan – $98

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

This is a bit more of a departure from pieces that I already own  but I really love it.  I’m just a little worried since it looks to be on the thicker side, and I’m not sure how practical a thicker short-sleeved sweater would be.  It’s so cute though – the back details are what really sold me, check them out!  I’m already envisioning an outfit with it too: layered over this striped J. Crew tee, with my favorite 7 for All Mankind Dojos, and a pair of basic black patent flats.  Need to do some more outfit brainstorming though before I make the splurge!

I’m definitely feeling the uniqueness of the Anthro pieces, but other options for my pretty-but-a-little-pricey-for-me-right-now new sweater addition from the second love of my life, J. Crew are the simple Beachcomber linen long cardigan (except I had originally wanted it in gray, because I can never have too many gray cardigans, TRUST ME, and it doesn’t look like the gray is available anymore/right now) and the preppy little Lightweight trifle cardigan.  Darn them both being online exclusives though, and the Trifle beauty coming in so many colors, because I can’t make up my mind on which I’d get.  Versatile gray or black?  Fun with misty aqua or wild plum?  A sort of middle ground with pale blossom (which, by the way, would be perfection with one of my older favorite floral Anthropologie blouses…)

So much indecision.  Not enough money.  Look for outfits featuring at least 3/5 of these in the next month or so, complete with whining comments about how hungry I am because I shouldn’t have picked sweaters over groceries but HEY, Carrie Bradshaw sometimes chose the latest issue of Vogue over dinner because it “just filled [her] more” so how was I supposed to know how much I’d miss my favorite frozen macaroni and cheese from Trader Joe’s?

Well, just kidding….. maybe.

Shades of Gray Wednesday, Apr 14 2010 

In anticipation of the very gray outfit I have planned out in my head for tomorrow, my fingernails are now polished in “Metro Chic” from the Sephora by OPI line.  I think the hint of lavender makes it just spring-y enough not to be too depressing for the newly sunny weather and it just might be one of my favorite polishes in my mini collection.

Excuse the Blackberry picture quality, my stubby little fingernails, and the fact that I probably should have cleaned them up a bit before snapping away!

The keys to my heart… Tuesday, Apr 13 2010 

may just come packaged in little blue boxes!

Tiffany & Co. at ShopStyle

I’ve never been a particularly huge Tiffany & Co. fan – I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t just have to have one of their charm bracelets in high school and openly admit that it is often over-hyped (although, side note – if Patrick Dempsey/his look-a-like ever wants to shut down the NYC store and surprise me by letting me pick out my engagement ring in private à la Sweet Home Alabama, nobody stop him, please and thank you). Shoot, in all honesty, I’ve never even been a particularly huge fan of jewelry period. I tend to lose anything worth more than $50 or so and rarely wear more than simple earrings, so when I receive nicer pieces as gifts, they tend to be somewhat lost on me if I’m being completely honest.

Now, a little late on the bandwagon I know, I am suddenly craving a Tiffany key necklace.  Nobody run out and spend darn near the price of an economy car or vacation to Europe for two on a diamond Petals key pendant and matching diamond chain for me, please.  $1,675 on this pretty little piece would be more than sufficient.

Truthfully, maybe I am a girl of more practical means than I realized, because the key that’s really captured my heart is actually one of, if not the, most affordable of them all – I’ve been eyeing the silver Heart key charm with Tiffany blue enamel.  Associations with the brand name aside, I have always loved that color and the little heart is just too cute for words.  Another item added to my never-ending wishlist…

Hello! Monday, Apr 12 2010 

After years of being an avid fashion blog reader, but never jumping into the world of writing and sharing myself, I decided to give it a try!

For now, I’m sticking to anonymity here – no faces in photos, and going by the blog name, “Bows and Ruffles,” for two things that are quite plentiful in my closet.  Sometimes a little mystery keeps things interesting, non?  There’s not any exciting reasoning behind this choice – I’m just a fairly private person who’s at a time in my life where I need to be careful about my internet presence.  I may open up a little more as time goes on.

What I am more than willing to share are the clothes, outfits, and trends that I adore.  I love feminine, classic styles – J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Banana Republic are probably going to be the most featured stores here because of that, but I also like throwing in fun twists.  I also love Urban Outfitters, Free People, the TBD and BP departments at Nordstrom, Forever 21, and H&M when I’m looking for fun, trendy pieces, and if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would probably buy out the entire Contemporary floor at Bloomingdale’s.  Marc Jacobs will always have a piece of my heart, and I admire thrift store shoppers so much, but the germophobe in me just can’t get into it – silly, I know!  I’m all about details (like bows and ruffles!!) and have a wardrobe full of fun, bright colors.  I have a new favorite color every week it seems sometimes!   I sometimes struggle with accessorizing, despite owning an impressive scarf collection, I’m not huge on jewelry, and I’m hoping that blogging will help me get a little bit better with those finishing touches.

That’s enough about me for someone who wants to maintain some anonymity though!  Onto the clothes… starting with a piece that incorporates both ruffle AND a bow!  The Pearly Glow tank has already gotten some love in the blogger world, and it’s got me lusting like crazy.  I’m not sure how well it will work on my curvy figure, but I can’t help but dream!  This is definitely on my wishlist and something I plan to try on as soon as I get the chance.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle